Stolen Land

Just Another Hole in the Ground

Zorag’s armor buckled with the force of the giant centipede’s bite. “Damn bug,” he growled between gritted teeth as he smashed his dagger into one of its eyes. The beast finally let go, but Zorag found himself on the ground, his legs unresponsive. The world spun as the strength of the blow and the beast’s poison finally caught up to the half-orc warrior, but he managed to raise his shield just enough to deflect another volley of darts those damned mites kept throwing past their overgrown pet.

The body of Mikmek the kobold lay nearby, a dart clear through his neck. “Brave little bastard,” Zorag thought. “…for a kobold. Focus!” The creature’s poison was dulling his mind. The strength in his sword arm had faded, and he could only lift his shield in desperate attempts to deflect the creature’s crushing bite. He saw Ashen lash out with his scimitars over him, but the beast struck like a viper, nearly severing the priest’s ear before dropping him to the ground with the whips it called a tail.

With the priest dropped to the ground, the giant centipede once more focused its attention on Zorag. Even with a half dozen bolts and arrows sticking from its hide, it showed no signs of stopping. The half-orc knew his strength had failed him, that he could not hope to block the next strike. “This is it, then,” he thought to himself, accepting his fate. The beast snapped its mandibles twice, then darted forward.

Three blue bolts, smoke trailing behind, punched through the beast’s carapace, halting it a foot from Zorag’s face. Suddenly a fist took it beside the head, and Zorag felt a body roll over him quickly—Alek the monk. He grunted as the weight of the huge Ulfen pressed against his wounds. The monk managed to grab both mandibles as they struck out at him, reaching for his flesh. With a roar and a quick twist, Alek had the beast’s head turned completely around. It’s countless legs spasmed for a moment before the creature hit the packed earth with a thud.

The mites in the back, seeing their pet drop, went into a rage. Zorag grunted again as the Ulfen rolled across him before taking a defensive stance. “Fucking monks…” he muttered.


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