Domenic Ghirlandaio

Swordlord of unmatched skill


Personality Traits: No one could doubt by looking at my regal bearing that I am a cut above the unwashed masses.


Lord Domenic Ghirlandaio, or the Knight of Gold, is the consummate Swordlord—an expert swordsman, poet, artist, and romancer of ladies of refinement everywhere. Extremely handsome and confident to the point of being arrogant, his skill with the blade is unmatched in Brevoy. He stands as the champion of the council in any honor duels, so needless to say, the Swordlords are rarely bothered with challengers these days. He has little interest in war or battle but will eagerly engage in a duel to test the mettle of another swordsman.

Lord Domenic visits Shrikewall intermittently to visit his trusted friend Baron Brinian. In an effort to impart Brinian with the skills necessary to become a true Swordlord, Domenic often spars with the young baron and leads him away from the capital seeking heroic adventures. The last such instance almost got Brinian killed, however, when he was captured by a band of dark elves. Had Lord Domenic not been able to return so quickly to the capital and inform Lady Vellara of Brinian’s plight, the young ruler of Narland would have surely died.

Domenic Ghirlandaio

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