Tag: holy warrior


  • Jhod Kavken

    After the founding of Narland, Jhod kept to himself, working as a laborer in the capital and administering magical healing to the populace. Of late, he has begun talking about founding a new settlement in the Narlmarches. While scouting out the location …

  • Olann Roansdottir

    Olann is a young priest of Torag in cahoots with Durok and the Brightbeard clan. He has an inborn mistrust of Saerenites, but at his core, he is more kindly than many members of his race.

  • Cilia Resby

    A paladin from Mivon, Cilia was passing through Narland on her way to New Stetven and eventually Mendev to join the Fifth Crusade. When a band of worgs and wolves attacked the Hollow, however, Cilia was one of the few instrumental in organizing a defense …