Tag: the hollow


  • Kabran Bloodeye

    Kabran Bloodeyes arrived in Shrikewall after its initial population boom. Seeing an opportunity to prey on the weak, he elected to live in the Hollow and there built a seedy brothel, the Rouge Lady.

  • Eliza Tanner

    After the tragic death of most of her family, Eliza and her brother Jon left Oleg's Trading Post for Shrikewall. It was not long before the girl, desperate for food and coin, was found by Kabran and hired as a prostitute. When the Hollow was formed …

  • Cilia Resby

    A paladin from Mivon, Cilia was passing through Narland on her way to New Stetven and eventually Mendev to join the Fifth Crusade. When a band of worgs and wolves attacked the Hollow, however, Cilia was one of the few instrumental in organizing a defense …