The Mourning of Shrikewall

Many died at the Carnival of Tears—as the locals now refer to it—but thanks to your efforts, the murder toll was not more extensive. Baron Brinian touts you as brave heroes who averted complete disaster with your selfless act of valor, yet the horrifying incident is not soon forgotten. Shrikewall falls under a pall of mourning, and some leave Narland, abandoning it as a cursed place. After the attack, Thuldrin Kreed harnesses the rage the citizens feel and directs it at Syntira and her fey. Public outcry calls for the extermination of the forest folk—no mercy or quarter given.

Having broken the Cold Rider’s grasp on the area, the supernatural cold relents for a few weeks, but it is not long before Gozreh, god of the storm and sky, brings a terrible winter storm to the Stolen Lands. Local druids divine that this winter will be particularly long and grueling, and farmers whisper among themselves in hushed, worried tones, fearful that what crops they were able to harvest before the early winter will not be enough.

You have a month to sort your affairs and answer any questions you may have. How fares Syntira the dryad queen, and perhaps more importantly, your fey friends who were corrupted by the Cold Rider? How have the citizens you have befriended been affected by the slaughter at the Carnival of Tears? Will the kingdom of Narland have enough food to survive the winter? Use your time wisely.


Is there a bench around here?

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