House Rules

Revised Saving Throws

Certain spells will be rewritten so that a wider variety of ability score saving throws are used.
Str – Forced Movement & Restraint
Con – Poison, Disease, & Misc Physical
Dex – Area of Effect & Many Traps
Int – Illusions, Psychic Damage, & Confusion (things that confuse information)
Wis – Charm, Stun, & Misc Mental (things that confuse emotions)
Cha – Domination & Fear (things that force compliance)


Raise Dead, Resurrection, and True Resurrection are no longer in the game. A character’s death should be a momentous, somber occasion that simple magic cannot overturn. However, if a Wish spell or a Cleric’s Divine Intervention ability are used successfully, a character may be brought back to life.

House Rules

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